Tips to Preventing Back Pain

The following simple tips can help prevent the occurrence of this syndrome:Engage in regular physical activities and exercise of moderate intensity for three to five day a week continued for a duration of thirty to sixty minutes. Commenced at the beginning with a warm up for about five to ten minutes and concluded with a cool down of about ten to twelve minutes. This include jogging on toes, walking on foot, dancing, and swimming. This can help to maintain a normal body weight and improve endurance and strength of the muscle to make one fit and healthy. Any body weight above normal means excess load on the low back region (lumbar) and can result in low back pain.Avoid assuming bad posture when at work or at home. For example when an individual want to lift up things from the floor, it should be done, by bending the knees rather than bending the back and keeping the knees straight. This can cause a person to develop back pain. When sitting down, a person should do this on a chair that is well ergonomically design, one that will position the back straight and position the knees, ninety degree in relation to the hips with the head looking forward. When sleeping, it should be done on a soft bed that is having a firm but not hard surface. Side lying with knees and elbows bend and head on a soft butterfly pillow is the best way to be position.

Engage in back extension exercise by placing the hands on the small of the back with fingers pointing downward and thumbs by the side and bending backward, with the knees straight but not bent. This can help restore the normal lordosis of the lumbar spine returning it to normal. This exercise can also be done by lying on your abdomen and using the hands which are placed on the floor to support the upper body, as the upper body is raised up from the floor, but the lower body remains on the floor, as in when a person is doing push-ups.When taking a bath with water place in a bucket below the knees, squat as stated above rather than bending the back and keeping the knees straight which can harm the back. If this is not possible, one should place the bucket of water on a stage that is up to the hips height so that one will not need to bend the back. Also when washing do this by placing the bucket or container that have been used to soak the cloths as described above. This position are sometime not very comfortable, hence the saying that good postures are not often comfortable posture, while bad posture are often comfortable but at the long run may cause pains.While working in the kitchen, that is washing dishes, cutting fruits and vegetable and so on, make sure this is not done by flexing the back. Rather stand upright, and place one leg up on a raised wooden board so that one leg is position above the other as the activities continues when the leg on the floor becomes fatigue, it can be alternated with the one place on the raised board. This will cause the leg placed on the raised board to bend slight at the knee, and the other leg straight.Avoid lifting any weight that is up to or above fifty kilogram, instead one should seek for the assistance of other people to help in lifting heavy objects. The best way to lift up or pick light objects from the floor will be to place the dominant leg forward, keeping the back straight and bending the knees to lift or pick it up.People should avoid working for too long a period of time in a static, flexed position but if they want to work for a long period of time, they can take a break in between work and during the break and rest period engage in back extension exercise.More so, exercise should be balance with caloric restriction as this is best way for a person that wants to maintain an optimum weight, as excess weight can put more load and stress on the back causing back aches. The Body Mass Index (BMI) can be used to measure the body weight. This can be done by using the formula weight (kg) /height (m2). BMI of 18.5-24.9 kg/m2 is normal, 25-29.9kg/m2 is termed overweight, and 30kg/m2 and above is termed obese.

Women of up to forty years should go for regular check up to know whether they have started developing uterine, ovarian cancer. Also men of the above age should check the status of their prostate cancer as all this can lead to back ache, preventing this can prevent back pain. If there are a signs of urinary infection a person you go for a laboratory test to confirm this and if fully the result reveal this condition, they you try their best to treat the condition. Also avoid fecal impaction or constipation as this can cause or lead to back pain. To prevent this a person should drink a least three litres of water a day, take a lot of fruit and vegetable, and should eat a lot of fibre containing diet.People should make use of lumbar roll which is usually place on the small of the back when they are going to be driving for a long journey in a car. But if they decide to take a commercial car, they should sit in the middle row of the bus. The lumbar roll can also be used by those who work for a very long time in a seated position. Those who make use of computers, writer and even students and those who love reading for a very long time.